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Note: Most airlines will require some sort of verification form. Our therapists are accustomed to filling these out, but it expedites the process to know which airline you are flying.

Note: If you do not know if your landlord will be requesting an additional form, you can always request this option later. However, it expedites the process the sooner the therapist knows an additional form will be required.

Therapists review assessments every single day, but please note that your assessment may present a unique circumstance that requires the therapist to follow up with you. It expedites the process to be available via phone and email after submitting your order.

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In order to have an official Emotional Support Animal, the law requires a licensed therapist writes and signs off on a letter stating that you are aided by traveling and/or living with your animal. Our service will connect you with a therapist who is well versed in this process, who can assess your need for a letter and get it to you quickly and easily.

The purpose of an Emotional Support Animal is to ease stress in day to day life. It is our belief that if somebody feels more comfortable living with their animal, and/or traveling with their animal, then it is their right to get the necessary credentials to be able to do so. We believe it should be easy, affordable and fast to attain an ESA letter so that people can enjoy the benefits of living and traveling in a more comfortable, stress-free state of mind.

How Emotional Support Animal Letters Work

How Emotional Support Animal Letters Work

Some apartments, condos and housing associations will not allow animals in their buildings. Some won't allow animals at all, others have breed or size restrictions. With an ESA letter, you get to bypass these restrictions because of something called the Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Act is there to protect buyers, renters and dwellers from seller/landlord discrimination. With an ESA Letter written for you, you are protected under the Fair Housing Act.

For travel, there is something called the Air Carrier Access Act. Similarly, to the Fair Housing Act, the Air Carrier Access Act protects you from being discriminated against by airlines. Basically, if you have a letter written and signed off on by a licensed therapist stating that you need your animal in order to travel comfortably, an airline cannot discriminate against you by denying your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is officially somebody's domesticated animal who has been signed off on by their licensed mental health professional. In order to be official, a letter needs to be written stating that the individual requires this animal in order to live and/or travel for the purposes of reducing stress, and other symptoms of anxiety, depression etc.

Most commonly, ESA's are dogs or cats. However, exceptions can be made. Essentially, as long as the animal is well behaved and not harmful to others, it will qualify as an ESA.

Our assessment is completely free. Once the letter is purchased, a licensed therapist will then review it and ultimately determine if you qualify. If for some reason you don't qualify, your money will be refunded to you in FULL

With an ESA Letter, individuals are protected by the Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. With an official ESA letter, sellers, landlords and airlines are legally not allowed to discriminate against you. Denying you the right to live and/or travel with your dog would be considered a form of discrimination. Being said, the handler of the animal is responsible for any damage the animal causes.

The short answer is yes, because the therapist's names, license numbers and contact info are written in the letter. However, it is actually a violation of your privacy for a landlord or airline to even read the letter, since it contains private information. If a landlord or airline is giving you a hard time, you can easily push back at them by citing the Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. Being said, the therapists we work with are very used to filling out short forms to prove they have assessed you.

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